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Whether you're a casual listener or a hardcore music aficionado, MusicMateX will take your music journey to new heights. Embrace the power of seamless audio playback, insightful information editing, and a world of internet radio streams at your disposal. Unleash your musical soul and let MusicMateX be your guide!

Organize your music files with easy. MusicMateX is a modern Audio Player for Windows 10/11 Desktop. MusicMateX queries the LastFM™ database to not only rely on the information stored in the MP3 tags of your files to get addional infos. Moreover MusicMateX can show you the lyrics for most of your MP3 files. MusicMateX also enables you to listen to your favorite web radio streams online end even to record/save them to MP3 files!


  • Scan Files

    By scanning your MP3 files we take the available information in the MP3 tags and enhance them with data from LastFM™.

  • Edit Album & Artist

    You can edit various Artist and Album informations (like f.e. artist biography) and you can assign new images to them.

  • Web Radio Streams

    You can add various Web Radio Streams, search for a suitable image and organize them in different genres.

  • Images from the Web

    We search the internet for images for artists and albums. For web radio streams we even provide a full picture search engine!

  • Record Web Audio Streams

    Record your Internet Radio Station streams to high quality MP3 files up to 180 minutes.

  • Modern UI

    A beautiful, polished clean and responsive modern Windows 10/11 design enabled by WInUI3.


See MusicMateX in action:

Audio Tracks Page
Web Radio Stations
Album Page
Album Details
Edit Album
Artists Page
Get Song Lyrics
Edit Artist
Add new Web Radio Station

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You can download MusicMateX from the Windows App Store
or you can learn more in the Online Documentation.